TRAVEL: Venezia, Italia

It has become my favorite place in the world. Genetics may have something to do with it since my grandparents come from there so... A goal for 2016 is to be able to go back there and stay longer than I did in 2015. Maybe, if I get lucky, there will be no rain. I will probably stay away from le gondole since the gondola ride scared the daylights out of me!


You gotta love the leaning tower!!! It really is fascinating because of the way that it is bent. I mean, you kind of feel that it´s going to hit the ground any minute!... 


Life has been a bit crazy lately... sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way... I´m doing my best to get the best of every situation even though there are times when it´s a bit harder than others. Anyway, I think I needed a change so I´m starting up a new photography blog on Wordpress. I wanted something more professional. I won´t delete this blog because it has sentimental meaning for me and I´m pretty sure I will update it from time to time.
If you feel like it, you can check out my new blog

Natalia Bottacin Photography

Hugs and kisses people!!!
See you around!!


I´m starting up a new blog. It has the two things I love the most: travelling & photography. It started out because I got a bit tired of looking at wedding/engagement/couples in love blogs. Not that I dislike them. It just got a bit boring to me and since I thrive at the thought of travelling everywhere I decided it was a good thing to do. Of course, it´s still a brand new blog. I hope it grows soon. If you are reading this and wanna share some of your travelling adventures with me and the Internet world, then drop me a line using the email listed under the submissions tab. Check it out if you have a spare minute! 


 photo CaboPolonioLetras_zpsdb27facf.jpg
Cabo Polonio, Rocha, Uruguay.
The sky turned a dark shade of grey. It´s pouring rain, now. A pre springish storm...