It´s going away faster than I thought it would

{english} I remember last September 21st and how excited I was that {finally} winter was going away and the warm sunny days were coming my way. I had even started a countdown almost two months before that date and everybody laughed when I would tell them how many days left until the official start of spring.
Now spring and summer have come and gone. Way too soon for my own liking. Days are getting shorter: I´m not able to see the sunrise on my way to work now. The colors of the city are changing: brownish yellow tones are showing up everywhere. People is wearing more clothes which, of course, makes it harder when the bus is really crowded! And it´s getting harder and harder to get out of bed at 4am because it´s chilly!
My brother and his wife are going to Punta del Este, Uruguay for a week in two days for a short vacation. I wish I could go too! I´ve never been to Punta del Este before and my best friend tells me it´s a lovely place to visit (though when he was there, there was a huge storm... more like a hurricane, actually). My work keeps me from going but it´s an idea for my vacation (whenever that will be!) But on the other hand, I can say that I REALLY, REALLY love my work. Working with those tiny babies is amazing and I enjoy every minute of it. I always knew I wanted to work with premmies! Today I found out one of my premmies is going home soon! His name is Angel (though I call him Angelino Ballerino) and, although, he was only born 6 weeks before his time, he was very very small. He weighted 970 grams at birth. He had a hard time breaking on his own but he pulled through and now he is only days away from leaving to go home with his family. Way to go, my sweet Angelino!
I don´t really feel like writing the spanish entry. Do not hate me, spanish speaking readers! I´m a bit tired these days. Lots of work at work! Too many premmies. We got twin girls 2 days ago and today we got another pair of twin girls. I had 4 patients today: the 2 days old twins, Catalina & Valentina, 3 weeks old Paloma who´s having a real hard time with her tummy and one of the newcomers twins, Martina. All girls! I never had all girls before! There´s always more boys than girls admitted. And now that I think about it, there is only 1 boy on the Level 3 NICU surrounded by 6 girls.
Well, better go do the groceries if I want to have something to eat for dinner tonight!
Here´s to a fall filled with great surprises and love!!

Goodbye Summer...

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  1. Es chocante cómo cambia todo según dónde lo recibes; cada día hace más calorcito aquí, se acabó el invierno y la primavera se presenta seca, pero deliciosa.
    Me encanta tu collage, me fascina. Y es que amí se me dan bastante mal!

  2. Dear Nat, thank you so much for your visit, following and lovely comment on my blog. We are opposite in geography at the time but similar in taste I can see! I am looking forward to welcoming summer here and sharing more of New England! I am following your gorgeous, happy blog here as well. :)
    I was able to visit our NICU unit here a few years ago in anticipation of twin babies in our family (not my own, although I wish they were!) They are such wonderful and caring people in that unit and so much joy and sometimes heartbreak...a tough job for sure but I am much appreciative of what is done there!