Now that the rain is gone...

The weather is upside down... last week we were already sporting our sundresses (not myself. I actually thought it was too early for that sort of apparel) then the rain hit us full force for a day and a half with strong winds and today it dawned cloudy and a very shy sun was trying to say Hey, I'm here! from in between heavy clouds. 
The morning is chilly, more like a fall morning rather than the two-days-away-from-spring mornings! I even turned the heat on in my house! But last week was perfect for taking the first shots of spring in my garden. The sun was shining high in the bluest sky I've seen in months and the temperatures invited everyone outside (that, of course, if one doesn't work the night shift at a hospital and needs to sleep during the day...) So before hitting the bed, I took advantages of the two things I still like about my garden: the lemon tree and the other flowery bush we have. Unfortunately, my garden is not a real garden anymore since my younger sister decided she was going to build her house there and now, the once green and filled with flowers garden we had, has become a certain amount of grass surrounding a huge structure of bricks that has shown no improvement in a long time. Note, please, that I want to tear it down with my own hands but my mom is keeping me from doing so. 
The lemon tree is a rather not so tall, not so elegant lemon tree in the back of the garden that grows in every direction it pleases. It usually loads itself with bright yellow lemon fruits that are way too heavy for its own branches so we have to use thick sticks to keep it from breaking every single branch. Of course, the fact that every time somebody comes to my house leaves with a bag full of lemons helps it a lot!
I like lying on the ground under the lemon tree. The sweet smell of its fruits is intoxicating and refreshing. It reminds me of hot summer afternoons drinking cold homemade lemonades and it makes me long for summer. 
The flowery bush grows against a fence that has claimed for itself and, on that note, grows tall and wild covering the fence and the wall with small white flowers. There are times when one is not able to actually see the green of the leaves of even the wall behind because of the many, many little flowers! Some people here call it "coronita de novia" but I don't know the real name of it.
Without even trying I got myself a nice bokeh in the background!! I'm really loving it! And now that I notice it, I can't even see the wall behind the bush! See what I meant by it? It's growing and growing!

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