Summer, suddenly

So, it´s officially summer for me! First day of my 15 days vacation from work. Based on how the night shifts were going these last couple of weeks, even a 2 days vacation were a blessing! 
I´m almost done packing. I must iron (I totally hate it!) a couple of shirts and then the suitcase will be ready to go. I´m leaving for a week in Uruguay with my mom tomorrow night (Friday 16th). We are going to be staying in Piriapolis and visiting Cabo Polonio and Punta del Este. I´m excited to see the ocean again! It´s been 4 years since my last time by the shore and I am missing it. But until then I have such a long list of things that need to be done!
  • Packing suitcases
  • Ironing clothing items that need to be ironed according to my mom
  • Waxing
  • Charging cameras batteries
  • Emptying memory cards and making sure the camera tripod is packed!
  • Writing down list with my dog´s routine for my brother
  • Dentist appointment
  • Must find a way to get in touch with Aldo (I miss him)
  • Googleing directions to the lighthouse in Cabo Polonio
  • Buying sunscreen lotion and other toilletries
  • Checking with phone company about international roaming
  • Talking my mom into not bringing souvenirs back for the entire family
  • Etc.
The {Historias de New York} post is going to be on Monday. It´s already written and scheduled for November 19th. While you´re reading it I´m going to be soaking under the Uruguayan sun! 
Here´s to a fun summer! Here´s to a safe trip! Here´s to a great vacation!

Dreamy summer

10 comentarios:

  1. Como me gusta Uruguay!!! Espero que lo disfrutes mucho, Nat. Buen viaje y hasta la vuelta!!!!!!!

    pd. Que lindo esta tu blog :)

    1. Gracias Euge! La verdad que estoy contenta con el makeover del blog. Este color me fascina! No veo la hora de llegar a Uruguay! No lo conozco asi que estoy muy ansiosa! :)

  2. Hermosa foto, Naty y que disfrutes de tus vacaciones!!
    Un beso

    1. Lauri, que lindo saber de vos despues de tanto tiempo!!! Esta misma noche ya cruzo el charco! Estoy muy ansiosa!! Besos!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful and safe vacation in Uruguay:)
    I'm excited to see some photos of this trip when you get back. I hear Punta del Este is beautiful!

    1. You know, Punta del Este dissappointed me a lot. I expected more out of it. It´s a middle size city with tall buildings everywhere, shopping malls and lots and lots of restaurants, the river on one side with the harbor and the ocean on the other. But I did have a good time!!!! Xoxo!

  4. Ayyy, Nat, pero que linda foto! Yo ya tengo la cuenta regresiva para mis vacaciones y cada vez que veo una foto así suspiro nada más... esperando paciente. Sobre todo si la foto es tan bella como la tuya!

    Un besazo!

    1. Cual es el destino de esas vacaciones tan ansiadas,Fla??? Ya falta mucho menos!! Besazo!!

  5. what a beautiful image! enjoy your time off and the beach. I'm finding it so hot in Brasil! :)

    1. Gigi!! Thanks for the nice comment!!! Uruguay was hot and when I got back, it was 36C in Argentina... imagine that! Looks like it´s gonna be a hot, hot summer!!! :)