´Til I see you again, sweet Uruguay!
 photo UrugBW13small.jpg  photo UrugBW05small.jpg  photo Matte08small_zps8f0ef9a3.jpg  photo Matte02small_zps1a4abce6.jpg  photo UrugBW03small.jpg  photo Matte13small_zps72353fb9.jpg  photo UrugBW10small.jpg  photo Matte14small_zps741c2f15.jpg  photo UrugBW09small.jpg  photo Matte15small_zpsc0570f6f.jpg  photo UrugBW08small.jpg  photo Matte10small_zps0add8561.jpg  photo UrugBW12small.jpg  photo Matte05small_zpsd001e888.jpg  photo UrugBW11small.jpg  photo Matte16small_zpsfc327ad5.jpg  photo UrugBW07small.jpg  photo Matte19small_zps5ef63f50.jpg  photo Matte20small_zpsb9696a11.jpg  photo Matte12small_zps5de82a96.jpg  photo UrugBW02small.jpg  photo Matte03small_zpseadfb253.jpg  photo UrugBW01small.jpg  photo Matte01small_zpsd7c1d71e.jpg  photo Matte04small_zps609fa397.jpg  photo Mattedyp_zps8a994fe4.jpg

4 comentarios:

  1. Que bonitas!Me encantan los tonos que utilizas en tus fotos!!:)

    Un abrazo.

  2. Please tell me you get paid to do this... I feel like I'm looking at an expensive travel magazine. Your photography always amazes me (and I mean that sincerely).

    1. My goodness, Wendy! This is one of the most lovely comments I´ve ever gotten!!
      And no, I don´t get paid for this at all. I wish I could live off photography but so far, no luck :) But who knows, maybe some day...