This is my younger sister, Florencia. She is 5 months pregnant with her second child: a boy (though the ultrasound doctor wasn´t too sure about it). Since I missed her first pregnancy because I was living abroad, I decided to document this one with as many photos as possible! I actually went with her to the ultrasound appointment the other day and my eyes watered when the image of the little guy came up on the monitor screen.
 photo Flor01_zps2d274d6e.jpg photo Flor02_zps71eb03c6.jpg photo Flor03_zpsf2bfc51a.jpg photo Flor04_zps45f59c72.jpg  photo Flor05_zpseda5e68a.jpg  photo Flor06_zps041d5a6c.jpg photo Flor07_zps424c5c6d.jpg  photo Flor10_zps8764ab74.jpg  photo Flor08_zpsd26ef8f4.jpg photo Flor09_zpsaade08b5.jpg  photo Flor13_zps924a211c.jpg  photo Flor11_zps96b6e203.jpg photo Flor12_zps3ed9aff0.jpg  photo Flor16_zpsda9ddb5f.jpg  photo Flor14_zps444e5a87.jpg photo Flor15_zpsacf2a5bb.jpg  photo Flor19_zps7eadff43.jpg  photo Flor17_zps3f37c8c8.jpg photo Flor18_zps41e6f90f.jpg
I´m still in Cuba!!

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  1. nice, such a special time & you've captured your sister so beautifully.

  2. Your sister is beautiful!!! Lovely shots and congrats on the newest addition to your family! :)