It´s been an emotional rollercoaster for me these past weeks and I couldn´t bring myself to actually taking photos of something else other than the new bundle of joy in the family. Though he won´t stay naked for some formal newborn photos I still can´t put my camara down when I´m around him!
So, in order to keep you away from a newborn overdose I´m posting some from my trip to Cuba. La Habana has the most neat cars I´ve ever seen! Some are pretty taken care of. Some not so much. However it´s so nice to see them driving down the streets with those vibrant colors.
The city is stuck in a decade... the ´50s are everywhere around La Habana.
 photo CubaMarcoPixlr01_zpsf9397154.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr02_zps14f81eb2.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr03_zps3fff69c7.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr04_zps9c9d957e.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr08_zps852fe3ad.jpg photo CubaMarcoPixlr05_zps6ea17a3a.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr06_zps2934fa42.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr09_zpsc12aadd6.jpg photo CubaMarcoPixlr07_zps4a5d0c7a.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr10_zps1ad5252f.jpg  photo CubaMarcoPixlr11_zps3a8d5189.jpg

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