One of the things I enjoy the most is travelling. I wish I could do it every day. Going here, going there, going a little bit further, going a little bit closer. That is why I enjoy the month of August so much in La Vuelta al Mundo. One gets to see amazing pictures of fabulous places all over this beautiful planet!
Cabo Polonio
Rocha, Uruguay

 photo Faro_zps42d52ee8.jpg
I heard about this place on the TV. There was a credit card bank with this married couple discussing how to use the credit card point they have and she wanted to go to Cabo Polonio. I felt curious and jumped online to find out more about it. It sounded delightful! That was why when I knew I was going to Uruguay for a short vacation with my mom one of my goals was to visit the cape. This place is so unique, so rustic, so far away from everything that has to do with technology. My favorite spot on the cape is the lighthouse and while I was walking up and down the small hills to get near it I found this perfect view of the lighthouse with this bed of yellow flowers and I just had to take a photo of it!

El Malecón, City of La Habana
La Habana, Cuba

 photo VintageBit03_zpsfcd4e933.jpgOn my very first day in La Habana, after being sick because of a bumpy airplane landing and lack of food and water in my body, I left the hotel with my aunt and cousin and we walked to the infamous Cuban Malecón. To be perfectly honest, I still can´t find all the fuzz about this place. It´s a very long stone wall that protect the city of the ocean waves. Cubans call it the big sofa and it´s a place for young lovers to go to and spend time with the loved one whispering sweet nothing and sharing stolen kisses. The sunset there was beyond beautiful with vibrant shades of orange and a very soft breeze blowing in from the ocean.

Old Habana, City of La Habana
La Habana, Cuba

 photo MagicalOldHabana_zps8e1814a5.jpg All around La Habana one can find these battered down buildings. One notices with just a glimpse that they are crumbling down but there are many, many families living in those buildings. Though broken down, they do have a special something that make them so magical and photogenic. The tour guide told us they are private property and are all taken care of only if the owner have money to paint them, for example. Since Cubans are so poor, most of the buildings look old and decrepit. But they sure are exceptional!

Parque Villarino, Zavalla
Santa Fe, Argentina

 photo DSC_0239-copy_zpsb5deecf9.jpg
This park is such an amazing place! It´s a biosphere of green tall trees and pure air. The rays of the sun creep in between the tree branches and creates such a cozy place to hang out with friends drinking mate, reading a good book, taking a nice walk, bike riding or just laying on a mattress of dried golden leaves listening to the birds chirping. Some of the scenarios here made me think of enchanted forests so I was half expecting fairy tale creatures to start popping out here and there. I was secretly hoping for a Prince Charming!

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  1. Qué lindo es viajar! esa arboleda invita a andar... :)
    Te dejé una sorpresita en mi blog :)


  2. bello !
    me muero por viajar a cuba especificamente..
    pero al tener pasporte Americano no puedo
    he considerado solicitor ciudadania Australiana para poder ir

    gracias por las bellas fotos !


    1. Joanne, gracias por tu comentario! Me alegro que te gusten las fotos! Realmente creo que si puedes viajar a Cuba, lo hagas porque es bellisimo!!! Hay una sobredosis de hermosura en ese pais que contrasta con la pobreza, pero aun asi es un sitio para conocer!!!