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It took me 5 days to go through the 239 photos from Uruguay and editing the ones I like the most. I was able to pick 101 images so I divided them in 10 sets of 10 photos each meaning 10 posts about my Uruguayan trip. Which means that by the time I´m done with those posts it will be time for my next vacation! LOL! 
I´ve been having some issues with my mom. The mother/daughter relation is burnt out... especially because I am the "mother" and she is the "daughter" in the relation. It´s always been. It´ll always be. But, at the moment, I´m sick of it so editing this huge amount of pictures helped me take my mind off the current issue. 
So, as I said before, Piriapolis is by the water and it has a really big harbor with lots of boats, big and small, white and colorful, fancy and ordinary. Many of them are white sailboats with red or royal blue sails. But there are also many fishing boats and those are the funny ones to take photos of because they are bright red, organge, blue and they have vibrant yellow and orange flags. 
While walking down the harbor, I noticed a sealion swimming around the smaller fishing boats and wondered what it was doing there. I mean, the place was very crowded but then I understood: the fishmen fed the sealion with small pieces of fish they wouldn´t be able to sell. So, of course it was going to be there! Free food!!

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  1. Hey Nat, sorry to hear about the bad time you're having with your mom. It's hard when you have to step up and be the parent, isn't it?
    Anyways, I loved these boat pictures and can't wait to see what you have to show us on your next posts ;)