{Historias de New York} Al sur de la isla, parte 2

{This is the second part of the Downtown set. If you missed the first entry, you can check it out here.}

I visited the Financial District and since it was Sunday every single bank and exchange house was closed but you could still find the oh-so-out-of-place guy in a suit walking around. It was a bit odd, considering it was a Sunday afternoon. 
We walked up to Trinity Church, the oldest church in Manhattan. It´s so neat. The stone is a particular pinkish color and the contrast between this old gothic construction and the modern, tall buildings is so evident. But still if you look at it, it seems like these tall glassy skyscrapers form a tight circle around the old church protecting it from the outside world. 
The church yard is a graveyard and the tombs are so ancient! Some of the stones were broken or chipped but most of them were intact.
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