One knows for sure that spring is around when the Central Park tulips are in full bloom. 
It might still be chilly out and one might need to wear a warm jacket but when you walk around the curvy paths at the park and your eyes find the huge patchs of red, pink and purple tulips, you know spring is finally there.
That cloudy Sunday I got to do something I never do: I fed the pigeons. You see, I´m afraid of birds (all kinds of them!) so I stay away from them all the time. That afternoon, Milly, Grace and myself were eating Argentine white bread ham and cheese sandwiches and alfajores de maizena and these birds kept coming around  looking for bread crumbs so I gathered some and gave them to the birds. They ate them happily and stayed a bit longer in case there were more and then, they were off...
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  1. bellissime foto ^__^
    ciao Nat

    PS: grazie per il tuo commento al mio blog!!

  2. Such stunning pictures, Nat!
    I love the light in this photos, you did great ;)
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life