Máximo has a thing for his nonna´s (grandma in Italian) room. 
It must be because this said room is full with lots and lots of stuff (though she did a major declutter session now). 
She´s got a huge plasma TV so he can watch his favorite TV shows (now it´s all about Ben 10 and those weird looking alien creatures he turns into). 
She has a fluffy mattress and he loves jumping on it. 
She has a bucket full of colorful plastic sodas taps and he puts them one on top of the other creating tall towers and pyramid like structures. 
And she has books. Lots and lots of books. Some are novels, some are non fiction, some are poetry books and some are kids books she religiouslly purchases every week at the news stand. 
And Máximo LOVES reading those books. When he was younger, he would make you read the same book over and over until he knew the words by heart.
 photo MAXIMO01_zps0100cd69.jpg  photo MAXIMO02_zps228b7761.jpg  photo MAXIMO03_zps7b4c14f4.jpg  photo MAXIMO04_zps06f58146.jpg  photo libdyp_zpse02bb270.jpg  photo MAXIMO05_zps092dc1d3.jpg  photo MAXIMO06_zps6c890c0a.jpg
This is the picture I choose from this shoot to share with the photographic community La Vuelta al Mundo. The assigment for January 2013 was Historias de camas.
 photo MAXIMO07_zps471eb2a9.jpg  photo MAXIMO08_zps0003e0ca.jpg

3 comentarios:

  1. Que bombonazo que es Máximo! Esas pestañotas ♥ Me encantó la anteultima foto, es muy dulce.
    Sabés que mi abuela compra los mismos libritos y se los manda a mi gordo??? A el también le encantan ^^
    Te mando un beso grande, Nat!

  2. Son muy lindos esos libritos! Y super coloridos!!
    Gracias por las cosas lindas que decís de mi sobrino! Es un personaje!

  3. Me gusta la penúltima foto, y por supuesto, las fotos con los libros. Que bueno que tenga ya desde ahora el hábito de la lectura.