Oh boy! 
I´m finally braving the manual mode of my Nikon! 
I started taking a photography course here in town and the day before it started I decided to brave the blazing sun of the summer midday and went to the backyard, set the camera on manual, managed the settings and shot away for the very first time! I really loved having control over the settings. And the pictures turned out the way I actually wanted them! Here´s the first ones. I´m still having a bit of trouble when shooting at night with the light lacking and stuff but I´m getting there! 
 photo M01_zpsfd836443.jpg  photo M03_zps3a7f2c71.jpg  photo M04_zps723babc0.jpg  photo M02_zps1ba5bf51.jpg  photo M06_zps5fa53210.jpg  photo M05_zpsbd9b2d77.jpg
I LOVE the simplicity of this last photo!

5 comentarios:

  1. Love them! Especially the last photo! I am still shooting in AV... still scared of manual mode!

  2. Viste que no es tan difícil, es como aprender a manejar o andar en bici, con práctica lo hacés automáticamente!!!!

  3. Oh, I really loved the outcome!
    And can I just say that manual mode is MEAN?!
    Though I think the results are totally worth all the trouble :)
    Keep up the good work!
    xoxo, The Brazlian Way of Life