I´m not a player. I don´t spend any money at the casino. I actually think it´s quite silly to throw your money there just like that. So if it was up to me, Las Vegas casinos would file for bankrupcy in less than a year... 
I´m not as outdorsy as many think either. But when in Atlantic City, I rather be walking up and down the boardwalk than sitting down inside those fancy hotel casinos. And that was exactly what I did.
 photo ac17.jpg  photo ac21.jpg  photo ac16.jpg  photo ac22.jpg  photo ac19.jpg  photo ac25.jpg  photo ac27.jpg  photo ac26.jpg

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  1. Such BEAUTIFUL photography, Nat!!! I think I'd like to be exploring there today! :) Happy Monday!

  2. Beautiful, I would have wandered along the boardwalk too.