I don´t really remember going to many fairs as a kid. 
My mom didn´t like them and there were 5 of us in our family so it was a bit expensive. 
They did take us to the circus a couple of times and it was ok. 
When I grew up and moved to the States, I went to a couple of fairs there. Most of them were during the fall and in one of the fair, I got hit in the head with a ball (a baseball one) that went rogue and ended up against my skull. The one I liked the most was the one in Atlantic City, though it was almost empty because it was hot and in the middle of the afternoon.
 photo ac24.jpg photo ac28.jpg photo ac31.jpg photo ac29.jpg photo ac30.jpg photo ac32.jpg photo ac33.jpg

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  1. I think that fairs are so much fun to photograph! Love all these images, but the first one in particular.

  2. Our State fair is about to start and I cannot wait to go and take photos! Yours are so colorful and happy! Beautiful shots, as always!

  3. wow would love to go! those pics turned out great with those vivid colors!