The very first evening, after the photography class was over and I was all excited about it, my friend Facundo, who was driving me back home, asked me if I wanted to stop by the park and shoot some photos of the musical fountain. Independence Park is a vast amount of green acres. It´s a complex of many blocks with an artificial pond with an isle in the middle with a fountain, 2 theme parks, gazebos, funky bars, bridges and many, many trees.
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There used to be a small zoo in the middle of this park á la Central Park but it closed down long time ago because the townhall didn´t have the money nor the people to take care of it and its animals. When I was in elementary school, they used to take us there and, to be honest, it was quite a sad place.
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This said park can be a bit intimidating at night. Though right in a very crowded part of town and surrounded by very busy streets and avenues, it can be really dark at night due to the dense vegetation and antique tall trees. So I didn´t feel comfortable shooting there. I had to set up the tripod and stuff and I was very afraid of burglars grabbing my gear. (These burglars are pretty common in that area, unfortunately)
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I´m going there one of these days during sunset to take photographs of the theme park. It looked lovely with all its lights and attractions. I think the sunset light would be perfect for some nice photos there. Also, the Roman-Greek columns gave me an idea for a photoshoot but that is going to take some time because it requires willing people, dresses, make up, styling and props that I still don´t have... but it´s in the making... (at least in my mind!)
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