An assortment of different monochromatic images that I really like featuring my sister and my nephew, my (boy)friend after his car crash, my mom and the pool balls we used to play with during Saint Patrick´s celebrations!
 photo BW-Wall_zps5ab31e4f.jpg  photo BW-Florpatio_zpsf98b3d87.jpg  photo BW-Brushbottle_zps261b4d49.jpg  photo BW-Mommy_zpsf719a7c3.jpg  photo BW-Aldo2_zps9b88d66d.jpg  photo BW-Aldo1_zps3d32a18b.jpg  photo BW-Manyhearts_zps767b2830.jpg  photo BW-Flor_zps33ac5160.jpg  photo BW-Aldo_zpsd61cc5a0.jpg  photo BW-Columns_zps331f69a8.jpg  photo BW-Columnspark_zps7fe04268.jpg  photo BW-Angel_zps0017f24c.jpg  photo BW-Hands_zps3fba2dab.jpg  photo BW-Pool_zpsc3447f91.jpg  photo Lali05_zps9174627e.jpg

2 comentarios:

  1. Muy buenas imágenes, lamento mucho lo de tu novio.
    Buen día!

  2. These are great Nat!!! My favorite is the one of you taking the photo of your mom! I love how all of the shots capture a moment and make you think.