Máximo is my nephew.
He is five years old and turns six in August. (Gosh, six already!)
He is a huge fan of Ben 10 and Cars and used to love Toy Story and Mickey Mouse when he was younger.
He likes taking photos and fishing with his dad.
He doesn´t like playing soccer at all but enjoys basketball a lot so he is about to start taking basketball lessons.
He LOVES going to preschool, even during the weekends he wakes up early in the morning and changes into his school clothes and grabs his backpack.
He is a sweet, adorable boy.
His favorite food is pasta with red sauce. He could eat that every single day of his life. And pizza.
He is going to be a big brother in August and he is so proud of it already. He says his brother´s name is going to be Alejandro.
 photo 05072010028copy1_zps82887a34.jpg  photo 05072010030copy1_zps0f2f7491.jpg  photo DSC00141copy1_zps5e395d95.jpg  photo DSC00140copy1_zps5fa15b89.jpg  photo DSCN2953copy1_zps16ff0799.jpg  photo DSCN2883copy1_zps703262bb.jpg  photo DSCN2749copy1_zps2b525540.jpg  photo 07082010428copy1_zpsb0973518.jpg  photo 07082010430copy1_zps93c9c9fa.jpg  photo 16082010534copy1_zps540692a7.jpg  photo 26092010856copy1_zpsf3374024.jpg  photo 17102010927copy1_zpsf5150581.jpg  photo DSC00765copy1_zpsa79f7548.jpg

4 comentarios:

  1. What amazing eyelashes he has! Cute photos :)

  2. Qué ojos tan bonitos tiene tu sobrino!:)
    Bonitas fotos.
    Feliz inicio de semana!

  3. He is very cute, lovely photos-he looks so happy in those tub shots