It doesn´t look like a summer day, does it? The gray sky helps making it more like a fall day. But it was summer when we visited this country side colonial house, home of General Urquiza, a very well known character of the Argentinian history. It is said that he fathered more than one hundred kids! This estancia is so beautiful with its hot pink walls and tall wooden doors. It has a patio indoors with lots and lots of grape vines growing over metal structures and wells. The building has a private chapel inside, as well, mostly built in white marble and it has an exclusive statue. There are only two of these statues in the world and the other one is inside the Vatican.
 photo colon06_zpsd0a23e84.jpg  photo colon07_zpsac03188f.jpg  photo colon08_zps9b0ab756.jpg  photo colon09_zps72b7f168.jpg  photo colon11_zps06090f95.jpg  photo colon10_zpsdf054c41.jpg  photo colon12_zps970f373c.jpg  photo colon13_zpsb3a05d70.jpg  photo colon14_zps66d64ca1.jpg  photo colon15_zps56482e88.jpg

4 comentarios:

  1. wow fabolous place!!
    love the tones :)

    have a great day!!

  2. What a fascinating place! 100 kids is crazy stuff too! The one good thing about a gray day is that it sometimes makes it easier to take photos.

  3. Me encantan estas fotos, el lugar y la composición!
    Que tengan un feliz finde!