Lorenzo is the youngest son of my friend Lorena. He is her fourth kid and came as a surprise! :) I´m his godmother. We call him Rusito (little Russian) because of his snowy white skin. He is 5 months old and 8 kilos heavy. He has some chubby cheeks and extremely chubby thighs that make you wanna bite them every time you see them! He just discovered his toes and he is sucking his big toe every chance he has!
Zoe, 7 and Elian, 5 are two of his sibblings. Tomás is the oldest, 11 and he wanted no part on the photo taking because he was too busy playing with his Play Station games.
 photo LorenToes_zps7463b920.jpg  photo Lorenzo01small_zpsf18d5048.jpg  photo Lorenzo02small_zps1feca547.jpg  photo Lorenzo03small_zps41cc81c0.jpg photo Lorenzo04small_zps1254005d.jpg  photo Lorenzo05small_zpsdf0f3c5a.jpg  photo Lorenzo06small_zps6b5b21fa.jpg  photo Lorenzo08small_zps6782e32d.jpg photo Lorenzo09small_zpsb575db30.jpg  photo Lorenzo07small_zps75ce607b.jpg  photo Lorenzo10small_zpsf1c73ba7.jpg

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  1. these are nice family shots, love the first shot of Lorenzo's feet & his brother & sister look like alot of fun!

  2. Beautiful children!!! You captured them perfectly. :)