OK, I´m finally back in Argentina after 8 days in Cuba. It was soooo hard to leave the island! I guess it would have been harder if the place I was leaving was La Habana. Thank goodness, I left from Varadero and, though I´m pretty sure I´m gonna get a lot of "how-can-you?!?!?" sort of looks, I must say I couldn´t care less about Varadero. But La Habana... well, dear La Habana, you stole my heart and took my breath away!
I´m so far behind visiting blogs, reading and commenting posts! I really need to catch up but the 570 photos I took there kept me busy. I´ve been going through the files and doing some very light editing since I got back and I´m not even half way through it! :)
So, here I left you with the first post of the many Cuban posts that are coming this way. These are photos from El Vedado, one of La Habana´s neighborhoods where my hotel (Habana Libre) is located.
 photo Cuba001_zps6bf38046.jpg  photo Cuba002_zpsd3cf33e1.jpg  photo Cuba004_zps9409ddc8.jpg  photo Cuba007_zps845caaa6.jpg  photo Cuba008_zps8158135a.jpg  photo Cuba010_zps431bdfd5.jpg  photo Cuba012_zpsc49f9aa4.jpg  photo Cuba009_zps9fefb03b.jpg  photo Cuba013_zps24b13127.jpg
One of the many things I loved about La Habana is that everything has a historical background. Every little thing is related to an specific time in history. El Vedado is one of the newest neighborhood in La Habana. It used to be a big space of green trees and it was forbidden to build houses there due to royal laws. "Vedado" is one of ways to say that something is forbidden in Spanish. When the population in La Habana started to grow, they were forced to use that green space to buid more houses.
 photo Cuba016_zps67ece589.jpg  photo Cuba017_zpsa15171c8.jpg  photo Cuba014_zps934be9c8.jpg photo Cuba015_zps5ecb22ae.jpg  photo Cuba021_zps2e397932.jpg  photo Cuba022_zpsf0e579e8.jpg  photo Cuba023_zpse1aec688.jpg  photo Cuba024_zps189faab3.jpg  photo Cuba027_zps9dc861b7.jpg  photo Cuba028_zps8d19abf4.jpg  photo Cuba029_zpsa389b233.jpg  photo Cuba026_zps47a395e5.jpg  photo Cuba030_zps3f21100f.jpg
MANY MORE PHOTOS to come pretty soon!!

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  1. Oh wow, I LOVE those old cars and the colours and details on the buildings. Gorgeous photos, can't wait to see more! :)

  2. Welcome back!!! I'm living vicariously through your shots and literally catching my breath. Beautiful, Nat!!! The editing of photos - I totally get that, lol. Looking forward to seeing more! :)

  3. These are wonderful, I love the architecture!!

  4. Wow! Me dejaste impresionada con estas fotos, Nat.
    Y esos carros!Me quedo así... O_0, jeje
    Un abrazo!

  5. I know I already commented once but I was just looking over these again - the shot of the boy sitting on the sea wall with the car in the distance is like something out of a dream. You have a wonderful eye!

  6. Hola Nat llego a través de Adorable, y por lo poco que vi chusmeando algo mas de tu blog, vero que sos una incansable viajera... como yo! así que me quedo por aca disfrutando de tus fotos. Te sigo por bloglovin! un beso, Vero