On my first morning in La Habana I woke up before dawn and took a couple of pictures from my hotel window of the wakening city. We had scheduled a city tour for that day so we went to have breakfast (some of the best strawberry and banana shakes!) and then we got ready for our day around town.
 photo Cuba032_zps8da783c1.jpg  photo Cuba033_zps1547e2ae.jpg  photo Cuba038_zpsf70e879f.jpg  photo Cuba040_zps55b73e04.jpg  photo Cuba041_zps58816dd7.jpg
Our first stop was Plaza de la Revolucion. It´s a huge space surrounded by three goverment buildings, a theatre and a very tall monument in honor of Jose Martí, the Cuban hero. They told us that a music concert for world peace had taken place there a couple of days before and there had been around 1 million people there.
 photo cuba043_zps809c6072.jpg  photo Cuba045_zps9593e239.jpg  photo Cuba047_zps3d114d1a.jpg  photo Cuba048_zps602e30e1.jpg  photo Cuba046_zps4969df48.jpg  photo Cuba044_zps4ceaf489.jpg photo Cuba049_zps84cabf65.jpg  photo Cuba050_zps9415bfb8.jpg  photo Cuba053_zps112cd0c6.jpg
The old Chevrolet cars are pretty much everywhere in La Habana. Most of them are taxi cabs. They are so colorful and so stylish!!!
MUCH MORE to come soon. My favorite part of the trip: the visit to Habana Vieja - what a wonderful place!

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  1. really looking forward seeing more pictures! would love to go to cuba one day

  2. Those top two photographs are magic!

  3. Beautiful photos! Love the red Chevrolet!

  4. Todas me parecen muy bonitas, pero las dos primeras tienen algo muy especial!
    Un abrazo!

  5. All of the shots are awesome (like -really- awesome) but those first two made me catch my breath!