I never knew that going to Cuba would be such a treat for the eyes. In fact, I can´t even remember when or how I started wanting to visit the island. I never paid much attention to that country before. But truth is that I fell in love with Cuba, particularly with La Habana. It simply stole my heart in so many levels!
 photo Cuba109_zps0f796da0.jpg photo Cuba112_zpsc8083fc6.jpg  photo Cuba110_zps5fc9a60f.jpg  photo Cuba111_zpsc930abc0.jpg  photo Cuba113_zps69a9f1e7.jpg photo Cuba114_zps3b742b60.jpg
Looking at all those balconies I started thinking about all the love stories that could have taken place there. You know, I believe balconies and love stories are closely knitted (maybe, badly influenced by Rome and Juliet). And now that I think harder about it, I could totally picture Cuba as a country of a love story. (Once again, badly influenced by the movie Dirty Dancing: Havanna nights.) And the  fact that you can find a couple of people playing music together in every corner makes it easier for me to imagine two in love walking hand in hand  around those narrow streets, surrounded by colorful old buildings, wearing fedora hats and summery clothing, stealing kisses now and then...
(You can  tell I´m half way in love already, uh?) LOL!. 
 photo Cuba115_zpseaa320ed.jpg  photo Cuba127_zps47deffa0.jpg  photo Cuba116_zpsc55d5fcc.jpg photo Cuba117_zps2c0acf01.jpg  photo Cuba130_zps5cca53c0.jpg  photo Cuba134_zps2ab9a6da.jpg  photo Cuba118_zps7bd0b5f9.jpg photo Cuba119_zps131f496a.jpg  photo Cuba137_zpsc2e5680a.jpg  photo Cuba141_zps58ed47ff.jpg  photo Cuba120_zpsc563761a.jpg photo Cuba121_zpsa2c9b07a.jpg

3 comentarios:

  1. que lindos balcones! y cuantas historias seguro habrán visto pasar!

  2. Muy lindas fotos, me encantó. Un lugar increible.
    Gracias por pasar por mi blog, Besos. Mica :)

  3. Nat! podes creer que mi abuelo era cubano y yo todavia no fui? Tantas historias escuche sobre La Habana y con estas fotos increibles me quiero ir ya!!!! Gracias!