As we moved on to the third and final stop of the tour, I took a couple of snaps of the town from the tour bus because they were lovely sights and I knew I wasn´t going to be able to go back to them in time to take a proper photo of it. I´m fully against taking pictures from vehicles or even sightseeing by bus but there wasn´t much left to do with so little time in Habana and so much to see!
 photo Cuba089_zps626962cb.jpg  photo Cuba090_zps61f7d675.jpg photo Cuba092_zpsd184fc63.jpg  photo Cuba091_zpsc0df1c08.jpg  photo Cuba094_zpsa61b897b.jpg
When I left La Habana I felt a little lighter.
After a while I realised it was because part of my heart stayed there, walking around the cobblestone streets, the crumbling buildings, dancing around every corner to the rhythm of those tunes played by street performers, sunbathing on park benches under the warm sun of midday.
 photo Cuba095_zps2a22296d.jpg  photo Cuba096_zpsf825fb5e.jpg photo Cuba098_zps5af9e971.jpg  photo Cuba097_zps6c810f0f.jpg  photo Cuba099_zpsd3a74e5c.jpg photo Cuba103_zps7968c463.jpg  photo Cuba100_zps94ac6542.jpg  photo Cuba101_zps2cb91fd7.jpg  photo Cuba105_zpsfdda1e5d.jpg photo Cuba106_zps4a1967d5.jpg  photo Cuba104_zps41707014.jpg  photo Cuba102_zps4e64c8ce.jpg  photo Cuba107_zpsb6fede90.jpg photo Cuba108_zpse7c81050.jpg
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