In case you, guys, were having a serious Habana overdose, I´m posting images from another part of Cuba.
Varadero is a town by the sea (the warmest and clearest sea I´ve ever felt and seen!). The sand is a powdery white mess that goes everywhere whenever the wind blows a bit harder than usual! (and believe you me when I tell you that the wind was blowing HARD the day we got there!!) Needless to say there was a thinck layer of powdery sand all over me (on top of an even thicker layer of sunscreen lotion!)
 photo Cuba253letras_zps8e3adf06.jpg  photo Cuba254_zps7c8e7213.jpg  photo Cuba255_zps6518c013.jpg  photo Cuba256_zps56a753c6.jpg  photo Cuba257_zps98e74a12.jpg  photo Cuba259_zpsa87a3c4d.jpg  photo Cuba258_zps1a7f55c9.jpg  photo Cuba264_zps5690f68f.jpg  photo Cuba260_zpsf60c9fc7.jpg  photo Cuba261_zps177fce60.jpg  photo Cuba262_zps1958edbd.jpg  photo Cuba263_zpscc210bdb.jpg  photo Cuba265_zps92eed738.jpg

6 comentarios:

  1. I love the beach- it looks really windy!

  2. Very nice pictures. Thanx for sharing and making me.dream ♡

  3. I want to be there right now!!!!!!!! Ya, sunscreen and sand are not a fun mix.

    1. It was great being there. The water temp was sooo mild and nice!