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Making new friends is something I always liked! Not that I excell at it but, at least, I try! Here I´m making friends with 2 slippery guys. These friendly dolphins would patiently wait for us, not so skilled swimmers, to make our ways to where they were. They would let us put our arms around them and they would plant a sweet kiss on each our cheeks. They would make those happy noises and then swam away to where their trainer guy was waiting for them with yummy fish!

4 comentarios:

  1. still enjoying your cuba photographs! would love to be kissed by dolphins one day too

  2. que lindoooo! es un pendiente en mi vida: nadar alguna vez con delfines! me encantaría! me parecen tan dulces!!

    1. Son muy dulces, de verdad! Y super amigables!