Have you ever loved a place the moment you set foot on it?
Have you ever felt you were actually leaving a piece of your heart at that said place when you left?
I never gave Cuba much thought before, never ever felt intrigued by it. It was just an island in the Caribbean sea. And then, out of nowhere I discovered a blog with photos of La Habana Vieja and felt a tug to my heart and this crazy need to be able to take photos of it myself begun to grow inside me.
Then, the opportunity came. A random post from a travel agency on Facebook and I was pretty much hooked. I was determined to go to Cuba and I didn´t mind doing it on my own. Then, my aunt and one of my cousins tagged along and off we were to the far away island.
I fell head over heels in love with Cuba.
 photo Cuba178_zps99c691e5.jpg  photo Cuba181_zps0c10ce01.jpg

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