No. Of course I did NOT snorkel my way to Cayo Blanco!
But it did sound like a nice title for this post. AND there was some snorkelling included on my way to the cayo. Which, of course, I didn´t do because I´m a bit scared of the ocean water and its tide.
It´s an hour boat trip from the marina to the cayo and we stopped for about 20 minutes for some people (my cousin among those) to do some snorkelling. I was 10 seconds away of putting on my lifejacket and jumping into the water but I´m a bit of a coward and decided to stay safe and dry on the boat while taking photos of the brave ones in the water!
 photo Cuba286letras_zpse5eabb64.jpg  photo Cuba287_zps7abb756b.jpg  photo Cuba288_zps131cf646.jpg  photo Cuba289_zps967255c1.jpg  photo Cuba290_zps97e94142.jpg  photo Cuba292_zps2ece30d2.jpg  photo Cuba291_zpse9b0e192.jpg  photo Cuba294_zps1e99225a.jpg  photo Cuba295_zps6999445b.jpg  photo Cuba296_zpsd09d662e.jpg  photo Cuba293_zpsd9a34b02.jpg  photo Cuba297_zpse3a012c6.jpg  photo Cuba298_zps7354f93e.jpg

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  1. I used to be a bit scared of snorkelling, but after an amazing sailing holiday in the Whitsunday I am now a fan. This looks amazing- so many people!

    1. I think I should try it once and try to conquer my fear!! :)