The Morro Fort is this old structure that served as a protection for the city against pirates and corsaries. It offers delightful views of La Habana! At sunset, the scenario and views from the fort´s balconies are breathtaking!
They have this ceremony there daily. For the past 400 years, every night at 9pm, they fire a cannon ball to the water. Back then, it was an alarm sign, letting the people know they were threatened by enemy ships sailing towards La Habana. The only time they didn´t shoot the cannon ball was during Second World War because every time they shot it, they would think that war had reached them.
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  1. Preciosas tus fotografías!!Me han encantado las del atardecer!
    Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana.

    1. El atardecer desde las terrazas de la fortaleza del Morro fue fabuloso. La vista de la ciudad de La Habana con el sol escondiendose en el horizonte es fantastica!

  2. So many beautiful views in your photographs!