Once in a while one needs a change of scenario so I took a little roadtrip with a friend. I don´t really think calling it roadtrip is ok because it was such a short distance! We went to this park that is a huge extension of green trees and open space. It´s like a botanical park. It was such a deep breath of fresh air for me. I walked and walked and walked and at some point, when I noticed nobody was around me (because my friend is a bit lazy and decided to go back to the car) I started singing out loud while walking. I took many pictures, inhaled lots and lots of pure air, let the wind tossled my hair and mess up my fringe, laid on my back for like 40 minutes on a mattres of fallen dried leaves. I basically felt like a little explorer and walked around everywhere! I even climbed a partially fallen tree trunk! It was so refreshing! I didn´t even know such place existed only 30 minutes away from my house!
 photo Villa01_zps4c9a555a.jpg  photo Villa03_zpsbcafb43a.jpg  photo Villa04_zpsf9858c47.jpg
 photo Villa02_zps15e87a7d.jpg  photo Villa06_zps52498aad.jpg  photo Villa05_zps64b4a178.jpg  photo Villa08_zps41547605.jpg  photo Villa07_zps225d05eb.jpg  photo Villa09_zpsa6596382.jpg  photo Villa10_zps05b70310.jpg  photo Villa11_zpsff28bc74.jpg  photo Villa12_zpsb6088192.jpg
More on my visit to this awesome park soon!

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Up close and personal it´s so much better! One can breathe such pure air there and relax under the falling leaves....

  2. que lindo Nat! amo las fotos con muchas hojas de otoño-invierno!

    1. En este parque, Vero, tenés hojas para tirar para arriba!!! Es fabulosamente bonito!

  3. Hola Nat! no encuentro un email como para mandarte el dato... la pintura de la mesita la tenía de otro proyecto, y justo la terminé... y no tengo el número-codigo del color! Era latex de Sherwin Williams, si mal no recuerdo se llamaba Waterfall o algo asi! Igual, este color tenía un poco mas de azul que el original (le agregue un poquito de un azul en acrilico decorativo). Sorry, se que no te ayuda nada :) Un beso!

  4. Beautiful photos, nature is such a gift! :-)