I tried to get some shots of myself so I taught Facundo how to shoot with my camera but he found it a bit hard to get a good focus and most of the photos he took of me are blurry. However, he got a couple of nice shots. It´s a bit hard for somebody who´s not used to shooting manual and it was worse because I was using a fixed lens and he needed to do manual focus instead of my other lens with the automatic focus.
 photo Villa13_zpsf836e02e.jpg  photo Villa14_zps93d4f97d.jpg  photo Villa16_zps93edf7f2.jpg
 photo Villa17_zpse43c88c2.jpg  photo Villa15_zpsa32592df.jpg  photo Villa18_zps13071742.jpg  photo Villa20_zpsb9380df4.jpg  photo Villa24_zpsb5bc0831.jpg  photo Villa23_zps8d6cb556.jpg  photo Villa22_zps4fe55bc1.jpg  photo Villa19_zpsdff583d4.jpg  photo Villa21_zps0b303ad0.jpg

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