Fotografiando personas || Photographing people

I wasn´t very interested in taking photos of people before. I found it particularly boring. It was very hard for me to try and take a nice portrait of a kid... you know most kids, moving all the time, unable to sit still for more than 20 seconds... Whenever I shot it, the photo came out  looking funny... Was it me? Was it the kid? Was it the camera?... 
I kept blaming the camera, to be honest! Oh my compact camera! But then, something happened. I started browsing other blogs, professional photographers blogs. Annie Manning and her kids happened. 
I started to find beauty on the funny little faces. I found beauty in silly facial expressions and looks. I discovered the gigantic beauty of the not so perfect photo. 
That did it for me. It changed something in the way I was looking at my people photos. All my judgemental and quizzical thoughts faded away! I´m even developing a new project with people in pictures but I haven´t officially started it yet... just yet... I may have taken the first set of the project already. I may... 
So, in honor of my personal discovery, here are my lovely girlies Cecilia and Audrey in black and white and color, playing and being their usual goofy selves! {Notice I´m also starting on B&W photography!} 
And this is my friend Aldo when we went to Rosario the other night. I actually went to Rosario, he already lives there. Although, he is not a native from the city. He moved here a year ago for work. We actually work at the same hospital but in different areas and we became friends. And, most importantly, he is not camera shy. In fact, he loves to have his photos taken! (Oh, the male ego!) So I´m taking full advantages of this fact. Most pics I took are not good because I was trying to find the perfect setting regarding lighting and shadows and backlighting. It was at night and all the neon lights were on making it hard for me to do what I wanted. The picture I love the most is blurry and unfocused. Such a shame because he had this huge and sincere smile on his face!
This is my younger brother, Leonel. He is a nurse and works as chief nurse at a retirement home. I keep telling him he should be working in an Intensive Care Unit or even an ER because he is great to work under pressure. He is very smart and performs flawless procedures in no time. But he just wants to work with old people and he is really good at it as well. The patients just love him!

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