Have you ever seen a movie and, after awhile you found yourself in the same geographical spot where that movie was filmed?
Well, I have.
I´ve actually lived near a place where many, MANY, movies were filmed: New York. But this post isn´t about the Big Apple.
This post is about National Treasure. I loved the movie because not only I´m a big fan of history but also a huge lover of a good conspiracy theory. Nicolas Cage acting skills are a big questioning mark for me but I did like the movie. So I had this quick trip to Penny in mind for quite some time before I came to make it a reality. And when I was there it was a constant revival of most of the movie scenes.
This blond guy, who was actually filling in for a friend, offered me a guided trip around the most famous places and he was great because he had a vast knowledge of the American history and told me interesting facts about Washington and Lincoln. So that added to the fascination I have for this place of tangible  American history.
I highly recommend Penny as a place for a visit during the last days of summer!
 photo Penny01a_zps881cc254.jpg  photo Penny02a_zps96d48f62.jpg  photo Penny03a_zps0b712848.jpg  photo Penny04a_zpsdea2c8ec.jpg  photo Penny05_zpsc5e7a5a3.jpg  photo Penny06a_zpsab51e263.jpg  photo Penny07a_zps484dc49d.jpg  photo Penny08a_zps04e2b6f9.jpg  photo Penny09a_zpsb479f04a.jpg  photo Penny10a_zpse9927836.jpg  photo Penny11a_zpsf6ab1a7c.jpg  photo Penny12a_zpsa9f8267a.jpg  photo Penny13a_zps25b457d7.jpg

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  1. I find Nick Cages acting skills questionable, too - lol. How lucky to have had a guided tour! So many beautiful photos!!!