Following our itinerary, we continued on our tour around town to Habana Centro where most of the goverment buildings and embassies are. The Capitolio building is a huge structure being restored and surrounded by metal pipes that almost look as if they were engulfing the building. You can still see how beautiful and elegant it is! It´s been under restoration for the last 10 years. Hopefully it will be done soon enough.
 photo Cuba056_zpse0e94889.jpg  photo Cuba057_zps4cb38bd5.jpg photo Cuba064_zps163500a7.jpg  photo Cuba058_zps4e5691c7.jpg  photo Cuba067_zps0ca7ff4b.jpg  photo Cuba087_zps6a13a77b.jpg
Walking a block away from Capitolio, we found the Gran Teatro de la Habana, a gigantic building with magnificent statues and facade. There we learnt the reason why most buildings in La Habana have arcades with galleries to walk by. It was required by law that private constructions and builings have arcades to provide shade to walk by due to the intense heat and sun. Wonderful idea, if you ask me because it was so, so hot there (and it wasn´t even noon!). It was around 34°Celsius (still a good month away from summer!)
 photo Cuba062_zpsa080fb72.jpg  photo Cuba065_zps7fe76f15.jpg photo Cuba068_zpsd51b7de9.jpg  photo Cuba066_zps10b0ee13.jpg  photo Cuba069_zpsc7b30284.jpg  photo Cuba070_zps505891bc.jpg photo Cuba072_zps8da99e8f.jpg  photo Cuba071_zps74bcffcb.jpg  photo Cuba073_zpsf9e7dae3.jpg  photo Cuba074_zps6bfd9614.jpg
Opposite the Capitolio one can find the Cuban conventillos, broken down and crumbling buildings that one would think are uninhabitable but are the home of many families of many, many members. Besides its broken and almost sad appearance, they are still so photogenic!
 photo Cuba060_zps4cf87e11.jpg  photo Cuba061_zpsfd5fad1d.jpg  photo Cuba075_zps15f639a9.jpg  photo Cuba076_zpsb7829b3e.jpg  photo Cuba077_zps3ab62c39.jpg  photo Cuba078_zps5943cf2c.jpg photo Cuba079_zps4fbcc88b.jpg  photo Cuba081_zps6bc01762.jpg  photo Cuba080_zpsabe9ac6c.jpg  photo Cuba082_zps996a1479.jpg photo Cuba083_zps8be35390.jpg  photo Cuba084_zps0c1ec115.jpg photo Cuba086_zpsb26fd9c1.jpg  photo Cuba085_zps82018406.jpg  photo Cuba088_zps75a34b6d.jpg
Up next is Habana Vieja... YAY!! 
(I´m struggling between writing HaVana (the English word) or HaBana (the Spanish word) but, since Cubans speak Spanish and it is also my native language, I´m gonna stick with the Spanish word and even use the Spanish names for all things from the island. It is also more fun to read!

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  1. Nat!, guapa! que bellas fotos de la Haban!! oh! me trajo bonitos recuerdos!!!, me dieron ganas de sacar alguna fotos del baúl de los recuerdos!! :D
    abrazos y gracias por pasar por mi pequeño hogar bloguero!

  2. Beautiful photos, That scaffolding in the first few shots is amazing..such a massive undertaking to restore, no wonder its taken 10 years. very interesting details about the arcades too. Such lovely architecture.

  3. Nat- both my boyfriend and I are in awe of your shots!!! Beautiful plus you're making our wanderlust kick in!

  4. Hay pero que bonitas chafada, nada mas con ver tus fotos ya me dieron ganas de ir a Cuba. jeje
    Un beso!