Once again I´m in full Habana mood!
So my sister texted me the other night letting me know that one of my fave movies, Dirty Dancing: Havana nights, was about to start on TV. Though I was in bed already, I couldn´t help myself and turned the TV on! I just LOVE that movie! It hasn´t been filmed in Cuba per se, the actual location is Puerto Rico, but it brought so many memories of my (very few) days in La Habana. I so wanna go back there! I don´t think one can ever get tired of walking around town.
And now, while I leave you with this set of photos, I´m gonna go crank up the volume as I played the Dirty Dancing: Havana nights soundtrack!
See you on Thursday!!
 photo Cuba218_zps7f1dc695.jpg  photo Cuba219_zps7418d1bf.jpg  photo Cuba220_zpsebcf86bf.jpg  photo Cuba221_zps059f8dce.jpg  photo Cuba222_zpsab70d046.jpg  photo Cuba223_zpsf0f406c0.jpg  photo Cuba225_zps092db15a.jpg  photo Cuba224_zpsd1b8e721.jpg  photo Cuba226_zpsfb8a12fa.jpg  photo Cuba227_zpsf3bf39a6.jpg  photo Cuba228_zpsf39ad45a.jpg  photo Cuba229_zps3aa68015.jpg  photo Cuba230_zps1646bd7f.jpg  photo Cuba233_zps3fa1e028.jpg  photo Cuba231_zps7ffc38e4.jpg  photo Cuba232_zps40e57090.jpg

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