By the few number of posts about Varadero you will find out it wasn´t my fave part of my trip to Cuba. Not that I didn´t like it. Believe you me when I say the beaches are gorgeous but I´m more of the get-out-of-the-hotel-and-explore kind of girl and I felt a bit like a prisioner there. You see, the hotel was a huge all inclusive thing and there was no need to get out of it to go anywhere. They even have a a theater where they perform musicals every single night (the Michael Jackson´s This is it musical was AMAZING!).
I felt like a caged lion!
 photo Cuba267_zps6493c597.jpg  photo Cuba268_zps46ecabfb.jpg  photo Cuba269_zps84283544.jpg  photo Cuba270_zps4cd03e14.jpg  photo Cuba271_zps39ae280d.jpg  photo Cuba272_zpsff54c378.jpg  photo Cuba273_zps5674d136.jpg  photo Cuba277_zpsc8a178b0.jpg  photo Cuba278_zps79dd6047.jpg  photo Cuba280_zpse0aaedfc.jpg  photo Cuba283_zps99f2ac2e.jpg  photo Cuba284_zps8e677df4.jpg  photo Cuba285_zpsb4e357dc.jpg

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